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Ibanez JS1200 – Joe Satriani signature model

Price: AUD $2,100.00
GST Included


With a raft of solid 4½ and 5 star reviews behind it, the JS1200 isn’t just a great Joe Satriani axe – it’s an axe for anyone that needs to rely on the winning combination of PAF tone, a fast playing neck and rock-solid reliability.


As good as an electric guitar gets

Refined a couple of times since its launch in 2004, Satriani himself believes today’s JS1200 is as good as an electric guitar gets. With its light, resonant, Basswood body and a multi-radiused Maple neck that is an exact, computer-cloned recreation of Joe’s own JS1200 neck, the guitar’s building blocks are firmly in place.


Carefully matched Dimarzio pickups

Add to the classic tone woods the special Satriani circuitry, carefully matched DiMarzio pickups, (PAF Joe at the neck and PAF Fred at the bridge), and the Edge locking tremolo system, and you’ve really got something pretty special going on!


Custom circuitry

In more detail: The 25½” scale Maple neck features the JS Prestige carve, with premium Abalone dot markers, smoothly detailed fret ends and special tilted body joint; the twin PAF humbuckers are specially wound for true vintage sound, but with a slightly brighter, less muddied neck unit and punchy mids and ringing overtones at the bridge. Satriani’s custom circuitry includes high pass filter, via a push-pull control on the volume pot, which lets you retain full high end tone at lower volume levels, while the a push-pull tone knob gives you coil-tap for both pickups – including instant Strat tone and a bunch more!


Original Edge locking tremolo system

This 2015 model will cut just about anything you throw its way, (except maybe full-on metal), really excelling at blues and blues-rock, with phenomenal sustain that lets you wring every emotional nuance from those wailing high-end notes. The natural sustain is bolstered by the return of the original Edge locking tremolo system, which Mr Satriani very much prefers to the previous Edge-Pro. The guitar comes with both the regular and Ultralite trem arms, for your whammy-ing pleasure.



In Excellent++ condition, (almost Near Mint, other than a slight crack in the clear-coat on the rear, shown light-enhanced for visibility in pic # 6), and finished in one of the sexiest Candy Apple Reds you’ll ever see, the guitar is a very comfortable 7lb 4oz, (3.25kg), hanging perfectly on its color coordinated leather strap, (pic # 7), and comes complete with its original Ibanez deluxe hard shell case.


Free courier delivery

FREE COURIER DELIVERY is included to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries. International freight added at checkout)




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Ibanez JS1200 – Joe Satriani signature model

Price: AUD $2,100.00
GST Included