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Music Man Stingray II, 1977

Price: AUD $2,200.00
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From the same Sydney collection as our recently listed 1976 Telecaster Deluxe, this killer second year StingRay II is a brilliant realisation from the drawing board of Mr Leo Fender. 


In 1976 the StingRay became Leo's first real venture back into guitar building, following the expiry of a ten year "non-compete" clause in the sale of his original company to CBS. The guitar was produced in two different neck versions – the StingRay I, with a flat radiused fretboard, and the StingRay II, with a more traditional radius of 7½", similar to that of a 1950s Telecaster. Our Stingray II here is the model that players everywhere deemed the more preferable instrument, with the highly playable 7½" vintage radius. 


Solid Ash body

Built at Leo's new CLF plant and shipped from the original Music Man factory in Fullerton, California, in just the second year of StingRay production, this may well have been gift-wrapped beneath somebody's Christmas tree back in 1977. (Body date is Oct 4, 1977 and neck date is Nov 4) The lucky owner would have been unwrapping a solid Ash body StingRay, with a 22-fret, one-piece, Rock Maple neck. They'd possibly have ooh-ed and aah-ed at some of the cool design features, such as stainless steel bridge with recessed adjustment screws, mounted in brass posts; the straight-line string-pull over the specially toughened phenolic nut to the tuners; and the reinforced headstock design, eliminating any weakness at all guitars' most critical point. 


The StingRay also came with boosted, low impedance output for maximum sustain, plus zero tone drop-off at lower volume levels. And the nitro finished Ash body has the bare minimum of pickup and control cavity routing, meaning a good, solid chunk of resonating timber! 


Boss Overdrive (OD-1) pro mod!

Now, as if all of the above wasn't enough, this particular StingRay II has had an extremely funky mod – the electronics from a vintage Boss OD-1* overdrive pedal have been added internally, tucked away beneath the original circuit board! The OD-1 is controlled by added volume, gain and power knobs & switches on the existing control panel, along with a red LED power indicator. 


Already a majorly cool guitar, the addition of the OD-1 features make this one of the best sounding, most incredibly versatile guitars you'll ever strap on. It gives and gives and gives, practically begging you to push it a bit more and see what else the pair of you can achieve. Super playable, tone to die for and sustain for days! You seriously want this guitar. 

Original Music Man road case

As shown in the photos, the StingRay II ships in its original Music Man road case, and, as with all Just Guitars instruments, delivery is 100% FREE to any Australian address. 




*The Boss OD-1 was one of the first – if not the first – of the truly effective overdrive pedals, and these days an original unit will generally set you back between $250 and $400 


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Price: AUD $2,200.00
GST Included