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National Chicagoan lap-steel, 1966 - VERY rare version!

Price: AUD $1,080.00
GST Included


What a find! Part of a very small Chicagoan production run in early 1966, featuring the elongated art deco National logo, some minor tarnishing of the chrome control plate is about all that stops this very rare National model looking almost brand new! 


A unique batch

With only the top-of-the-line New Yorker model above it, 1961 had been the last year the Chicagoan appeared in the National catalogue, however in January of 1966 a very small production run resulted a unique batch of ex-catalogue Chicagoans. These were done in order to use up a handful of original fretboards, found lurking in a secluded section of the National-Valco factory. 


Cooler, more deco

By 1962 The Chicagoan had officially become the "Studio 76" model, with a new "stairstep" design for the fretboard pattern, and the same, elongated chrome badge as the New Yorker, so these final few Chicagoans of '66, (believed to be less than 30 made!), are identical to the original model, other than the real bonus of the cooler, more deco looking headstock badge. Because they were ex-catalogue, no serial number tags were affixed to the backs, but the high impedance pots on this model are dated from the last week of November '65. 


Fantastically rare Chicagoan

There's not a mark on the Grey perloid finish, the electrics work perfectly, the flocked, ("sueded"), back looks almost new, as does the 23" scale, elevated PlexiGlas board with its note markers – check out the funky G-clef at the first position. This fantastically rare Chicagoan even comes in its original wooden case, with a vintage slide bar and pick included! 


An absolute steal

Tulip-button Kluson Deluxe tuners, high gain pickup & pots, original bridge cover in pristine condition – as we said at the start, this one is a real find, and at only $1080, it's an absolute steal. It will arrive at your door with a new set of D'Addario flat-tops fitted, and will sound amazing the second you plug in! 


Stock No. 8302

National Chicagoan lap-steel, 1966. Rare version - less than 30 built!

Price: AUD $1,080.00
GST Included