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Rickenbacker 4005 Bass, 1979 – Near Mint

Price: AUD $10,000.00
GST Included

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Bassically(!) the rhythm-section version of Rickenbacker’s famous 360 guitar, the 4005 is one of the best looking, most desirable and sought after basses on the planet. To find one in such unbelievably Near Mint condition defies all odds.


Rickenbacker stopped production in 1984

Designed in the mid-sixties, at the behest of the Rose Morris company in the UK, who had asked Rickenbacker if they could come up with a hollowbody bass, along similar lines to their guitar models, the 4005 became an instant classic. Unfortunately, it was an expensive instrument to produce and Rickenbacker stopped production in 1984. Prices have been climbing steadily ever since.



Following the same construction method as the 360 guitar, the whole top (and sides) of the 4005’s body is carved from a single piece of seasoned Maple, to which a bookmatched back is attached. The ultra-strong neck and headstock features five layers of Maple & Walnut. Over the years, this unique and expensive Rickenbacker process has resulted in some of the most amazing and iconic guitars and basses ever produced. But, as well as its incredible strength and integrity, this is also an absolutely gorgeous looking instrument – consensus among bass players worldwide is that the 4005 is sex-on-a-stick!


Famous 4005 players

Famous 4005 players have included Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and The Who’s John Entwistle, (Entwistle shown in pic # 8, during recording sessions for Tommy - also shown is some of his bass collection, plus the amazing 'Light Show' version of the 4005). Jack Casady, (Jefferson Airplane), was another famous 4005 player, along with Larry Graham, (Sly & The Family Stone), Alvin Lee, (Ten Years After), Mike Mills, (REM), Colin Moulding, (XTC), Andy Bell, (Oasis), and Mani, (Stone Roses, Primal Scream). Check out our soundfile and discover what it is about the 4005 that attracts the big names. (Warning: Low end frequencies may damage some computer speakers if played at high volume)


A hell of a package

Regular mono, plus ‘Rick-O-Sound’ stereo output; fabulous sounding Rickenbacker ‘Hi-Gain’ pickups; the highly prized Mapleglo finish over really nicely grained Maple; bound soundhole; the classic ‘shark tooth’ fingerboard inlays of crushed glass & mother-of-pearl; Rickenbacker ‘R’ tailpiece; plus, as with the guitar models, separate volume and tone controls for each pickup, along with volume/blender control… a hell of a package!


Truly awesome

Our 4005 is strung with a $90 set of Thomastik Jazz Bass flats, (43 – 100), and with access right to the very end of the fingerboard, these strings deliver the closest you’ll ever get to upright bass sound with an electric bass. The bottom end here is truly awesome, while the top end notes ring almost organically pure, much like a guitar – listen to the last section of our soundfile!


The only one currently for sale

Rickenbacker say they have no plans to ever reissue the 4005, (it would cost too much to produce), so, however many were made between 1965 and 1984 – that’s it! At the most, only one or two of these basses come onto the market in any given year, and as far as we can tell, this is the only one currently for sale anywhere in the world.


Spectacular condition!

Aside from some light buckle-rash on the back, you could pretty much hang this 4005 on the wall of your local music store and call it brand new – simply spectacular condition! It’s almost impossible to believe it was built back in July of 1979.


Free courier delivery

Complete with its original hard shell case, (see main image, above right, and pic # 8), the bass of your dreams comes with FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries)


An absolute steal

Already very reasonably priced in Australian dollars, at only $12,500, potential buyers from the US or UK should immediately check the current exchange rate – CLICK HERE – as the low Australia dollar makes this an absolute steal!



Weight: 9lb 9oz / 4.35kg



Stock No. 8828

1979 Rickenbacker 4005 Bass

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $10,000.00
GST Included