George Harrison Rocky Stratocaster

George Harrison Rocky Stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster, George Harrison’s "Rocky" – probably the best known celebrity guitar of all time. One early April day in 1967, shortly after the final recording sessions for Sgt. Pepper were completed, and with the Summer of Love, (and LSD), spreading around the world, George Harrison armed himself with some pots of dayglo and enamel paint, (plus some of Patti Boyd’s nail polish), and set to work turning his 1962 Sonic Blue Stratocaster into a work of art. The finished guitar was first glimpsed in the black-and-white television footage of 'All You Need Is Love', but could be seen in all its technicolor glory in the film clip made for 'I Am The Walrus'. The unpainted “Rocky” had played a major part in the recording of Rubber Soul, Revolver and Sgt Pepper albums.

Now available for the first time in Australia, here is an affordable “Rocky” recreation. These guitars are not photo-reproduced, or assembly-line painted in any way. Beginning with a genuine Fender '62 re-issue Strat – Sonic Blue, of course – master US guitar artisans Meador & Collins meticulously hand paint every detail of George’s beloved “Rocky”, right down to Patti’s green glitter nail-polish and a reproduction of the original music store label on the back of the headstock. (The store where Beatles roadie Mal Evans purchased two Sonic Blue Stratocasters – one for George and one for John) The artwork is then fully sealed under a thin clear lacquer protective top-coat. While we have previously imported several different versions as special customer orders, this is the first we have made available through our website, as we believe these to be the best value "Rocky" reproductions we have ever seen.

NOTE: Other reproductions, some costing well in excess of $10,000, rarely use an actual Fender Stratocaster. Many are made using $75 Strat knock-offs, which you would not be game to plug into an amp. This faithfully recreated Rocky is 100% Fender Stratocaster, (a high quality 1994 MIJ '62 reissue), with Fender pickups, Fender controls, Fender everything, and you can most definitely plug it in and play!

Your very own Rocky features an exclusive Krishna symbol neckplate, plus an engraved Limited Edition tag at the base of the neck, (stating that this is “Rocky” # 17), and ships in a brand new CNB tweed road case

Price: AUD$3450.00 GST Included