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  • Duesenberg Starplayer TV
    Aud $3,600.00

    Duesenberg Starplayer TV

    Many of the world’s most famous guitars have been given names by their owners. Blackie, Rocky, Trigger, Micawber, Lenny, Lucy, Lucille… allow us to introduce you to ‘Princess’

  • Rickenbacker 330 - Jetglo
    Aud $3,100.00

    Rickenbacker 330 - Jetglo

    A fabulous sounding Ric - and so very, very black! It's always fun getting a nice Ric in, and this 330 is chock full of super cool sounds...

  • Fender ‘Lipstick Strat’, Shell Pink – BRAND NEW
    Aud $3,150.00

    Fender ‘Lipstick Strat’, Shell Pink – BRAND NEW!

    From a very small production run in 2012 – of which the Shell Pink model sold out almost immediately – Nate Daniel’s famous Danelectro lipstick pickup tone meets Leo Fender’s Stratocaster

  • Duesenberg CC - Carl Carlton signature model
    Aud $3,200.00

    Duesenberg CC (Carl Carlton signature model)

    It’s been ages since we’ve had a nice Duesenberg through, so this CC is a real treat – big and bold and ballsy! Not as blinged out as some Duesenberg models, but just enough to make the statement

  • Circa 1960 Supro catalogue, featuring our single pickup Super model
    Aud $1,550.00

    Supro Super, 1960 - all original!

    An all original Supro Super, in rare Silverburst, from National / Valco in Chicago. Great condition. Brass-plated hardware, Dobro-style tailpiece, 'Super-power Alnico' pickup and original chipboard ca...

  • Aud $0.00

    Just Guitars at the Melbourne Guitar Show

    A short video interview with Dan Burke from muso.com.au, recorded at the recent Melbourne Guitar Show

  • Danelectro 6/12-string Double-neck
    Aud $1,875.00

    Danelectro 6/12-string Double-neck

    Getcha Jimmy Page or your Stevie Ray Vaughan on, with the perfect double-neck – the Dano 6/12. Comes with custom made prestige roadcase

  • Taylor NS32CE, Nylon String acoustic-electric
    Aud $1,725.00

    Taylor NS32CE, Nylon String acoustic-electric, 2008

    The brilliant quality of Taylor acoustics – in a nylon string model, built specially for steel-string players

Customer Feedback

Dunno how you do it! My third purchase from Just Guitars Australia. Two great little Teisco's and now this custom-ordered Sekova. Thanks, Kim.
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