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  • They don't make 'em like this any more!
    Aud $2,300.00

    Herman Carlson Levin ''swan-neck'' lute, 1914

    Brilliant Swedish craftsmanship from the turn of the twentieth century. Even Sting plays a lute!

  • So sleek... so smooth... so sexy
    Aud $2,850.00

    Taylor T5-S1, 2005 - Near Mint

    Is it an acoustic guitar? Is it an electric guitar? Is it an acoustic-electric? The multiple award-winning Taylor T5 is one brilliant guitar that is all three!

  • Martin DM Mahogany acoustic left hand handed lefty original case
    Aud $1,725.00

    Martin DM Mahogany acoustic - LEFTY

    This bangs out that famous Martin sound like you just won't believe. BOOM!! And it's a LEFTY! Check out the solid Sitka Spruce top - one of the most finely-grained pieces of Spruce we've ever seen!

  • Eko Ranger VI Electro, vintage acoustic-electric. Made in Italy, circa 1970
    Aud $1,150.00

    Eko "Ranger VI" - rare acoustic-electric model

    Made in Italy, circa 1970. Known as "the busker's friend", for its solid build quality & reliability. Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page owned one! (Rare shot of Jimmy inside, recording 'Tangerine' on his Eko)

  • Oahu vintage Hawaiian slide guitar. Square neck model, 1945
    Aud $830.00

    Oahu square neck Hawaiian, 1945

    Oahu vintage Hawaiian slide guitar, square neck model, 1945 - possibly a Model 50K Deluxe. Good condition Oahu branded Hawaiian instruments become more desirable with every passing year.

  • Wards 'Singing Cowboys' guitar, 1939, 'The Plainsman', Gary Cooper
    Aud $1,040.00

    Wards "The Plainsman" singing cowboys guitar, 1939

    The Plainsman got its name from the 1936 Gary Cooper/Jean Arthur western, produced by the legendary Cecil B De Mille. Built by Richter of Chicago for Montgomery Ward catalogue & department store chain...

  • Harmony Archtone vintage archtop acoustic guitar, 1964. Made in USA
    Aud $1,075.00

    Harmony Archtone archtop, 1964

    Harmony Archtone vintage archtop, 1964. Great sixties model, based on thirties art deco styling. Part of Harmony's prestigious 'Auditorium Series' - from the golden days of American guitar building.

  • Roy Rogers 'Singing Cowboys' vintage acoustic guitar, 1950s. STUNNING condition
    Aud $720.00

    Roy Rogers "Singing Cowboys" guitar, 1950s

    Roy Rogers "Singing Cowboys", 1950s. All birch construction. Amazingly fine condition – one of the best condition examples we've ever run across. And sounds as good as it looks!

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